A response to market changes and the evolving needs of value-conscious consumers.

In the vibrant city of Auckland, a dedicated team of individuals often found themselves discussing the scarcity of affordable, high-quality products in local markets. Motivated by this observation, they decided to create an innovative retail concept that catered to value-conscious consumers.

Our Story

We have expanded to having 20 locations throughout Aotearoa.

During the unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, Two Dollar Things persevered and even managed to thrive. However, due to increased costs from rising raw material prices, shipping, and inflation, the company made the difficult decision to adjust prices to $2.50 in early 2023, rebranding as "Two Dollar Things PLUS!"

Committed to innovating and providing value to their customers, the company experimented with introducing $5 and $10 product ranges. This move was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, as customers appreciated the high-quality items at these new price points.


Our company is not afraid to  open franchise all over NZ .

With a solid foundation and a loyal customer base, the group now aims for further expansion. Their plan is to share the success of the Two Dollar Things PLUS! concept by launching a franchise system in 2023, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to bring affordable, quality products to even more communities across the country.

Our Team

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